Time Management

Double Productivity in Half the Time

Time Management is one of the biggest challenges faced by Boards, and one of the least developed skills amongst Board members. Brent’s workshop takes participants through an exercise of examining how your board actually spends it’s time vs. how it should spend it’s time; learning how to present information in a succinct, compelling and action-oriented style, and learning how to delegate work down to the committee level. Through his workshop you will learn how to double your productivity in half the time. Here is a case study that demonstrates this value.

A Board chair was frustrated with how long their meetings were taking, without any traction on moving things along. Board members were frustrated by the unnecessary length of Board meetings and were starting to find excuses not to attend. This was creating tension amongst members and impacting the Board’s reputation in trying to recruit new members.

In a one day workshop Board members learned how to re-package their agenda and meeting structure, effectively present committee reports, and move away from compliance / administrative issues to focusing on policy, strategy and growth.