Board Governance Education

Knowledge is the Foundation

Good governance is the foundation of any organization, and knowledge is the most important component in building that strong foundation. Here is a case study of how this education improved the relationship of a Board to its staff and stakeholders. 

The Board of a Professional Association was looking to refine their Governance model by clarifying roles and responsibilities of the Board, Committee volunteers, and their Executive Director.

In a one-day workshop the Board left with a clearer picture of their roles vis-à-vis administration; how to improve their effectiveness by focusing on matters of policy; and how to re-structure their Bylaws to better represent their members.

All Boards face many challenges, but certain governance hurdles are commonplace.  Most organizations struggle with such issues as:

  • role clarity between the board and administration 
  • writing or refreshing Bylaws or Policy Manuals
  • running effective and timely board / committee meetings
  • proper procedures of conducting an AGM
  • recruiting and retaining volunteers

Brent can help by customizing workshops to address your specific concerns and offer advice on best practices.  Workshops can be 1/2, full day or weekend retreats, depending on subject matter and time availability.

These are not “sit and be lectured to” workshops.  They are interactive, engaging, probing and challenging, guaranteed to pull you out of your comfort zone.